The pristine uncrowded waters and incredible surroundings make French Polynesia one of the best kitesurfing destinations in the world!

Choose a deserted beach to launch from! Whenever there is wind we load the tenders up with kite gear and head to the beach! Beginners can take a lesson and practice with a training kite on the sand whilst we rig up whatever kite suits the wind conditions best for the more adventurous!



Kite pick up made easy, our crew are all familiar with kite retrieval and launching from the tenders or the beach, even from the aft deck on ASKARI!



Buttersmooth waters and calm anchorages provide a truly fantastic venue for kitesufing!


You can sit in the jacuzzi on Askari watching others have fun ripping around under a kite! Steady winds and calm lagoon waters make for a fun ride! Whether you are experienced or keen on learning the sport we can cater for your desires!